Introducing Over & Above Crane Inspections

Sep 9, 2022 | Alberta

As an equipment owner, you need to keep your overhead crane running safely. You also need to know that your crane technician is not only an expert, but also has your company and staff’s best interests in mind. At Hoisting Ltd, we go over and above in everything we do—and now we have a name for it.

Introducing Over & Above Crane Inspections

We developed our own overhead crane inspection process to help you stay efficient and resolve any problems as soon as possible. This helps your business avoid downtime, stay profitable, and keep your workers safe on the job. It’s also helping us redefine safety in our industry and inspire others to take the same approach.

Our Process

Here’s the process we follow during Over & Above Inspections:

  1. Inspect: The technician carefully reviews the equipment according to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) owner’s manual to ensure every component is operating within its specifications. They log the make, model, and serial number, as well as the location and surrounding equipment.
  2. Report: The technician captures any possible issues, required repairs, or equipment failures using a green/yellow/red system with detailed notes and photos. They’ll tell you exactly what OHS or OEM code they’re referring to and explain why it matters. 
  3. Review: All of their findings and recommendations are logged on a tablet, which syncs with our head office cloud. After the data is received at our office, our highly experienced Service Manager reviews the report and confirms the course of action. You’ll receive the final report within 24 hours.
  4. Quote: Based on the information provided, our in-office team coordinates with suppliers and workers to provide a detailed quote for any repairs. You’ll receive this report within three days, at which point we walk you through the quote and answer any questions or concerns you may have. 
  5. Resolve: We contact you again a few days after sending the quote to make sure you understand it and confirm you’re ready to move forward. When the quote is approved, we schedule a follow-up to make the repairs. As the repairs are completed, we will update the inspection report for you. 

Our Purpose

While overhead cranes have changed over time, the industry’s inspection process has stayed the same. Many companies are using the same surface-level safety inspection checklists that haven’t been updated in years, leading to the same safety concerns across the board.

We believe industry standards are just a starting point. There’s always more we can do to help your employees safely and confidently operate your hoisting equipment. Over & Above Inspections is how we do just that.

  • Each of our technicians is backed by manufacturer course training, seminars, documentation, and proof of competency, in addition to the minimum 10,000 hours of on-the-job experience.
  • Our experts apply their specialized knowledge to ensure your overhead crane is being properly operated, functioning within specifications, and up to code for every component.
  • We regularly evaluate our inspection teams and repair processes to identify new ways to make our own operations better, allowing us to do the same for you.

Our Benefits

When you choose Over & Above Inspections as your overhead crane maintenance program, you will:

  • Stay compliant by ensuring manufacturer-approved equipment use and maintenance
  • Protect employees and avoid incidents or equipment failures with constant monitoring
  • Reduce downtime with efficient, accurate inspections and time-sensitive repairs
  • Ensure accuracy with our two-tier inspection model and service manager oversight
  • Continually learn from our expertly trained crane technicians
  • Plan for the future with accurate reporting that accounts for potential problems and recommends next steps

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