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Crane Servicing

Servicing and maintaining overhead cranes and hoists since 1990

Using safety and precision as our guiding principles, we’ve earned a reputation for our ability to tackle any overhead crane service-related job.

No matter how challenging the service project, you can rely on our people and processes to deliver flawless results on time and on budget. No cutting corners—just adding value.

Overhead Crane and Hoist Services Offered:
Inspections  |  Breakdowns  |  Maintenance & Repairs  |  Modernization  | Manufacturing & Installations

Overhead Crane Inspections

We apply unparalleled attention to detail on overhead crane inspections for all makes and models of overhead lifting and material handling equipment.

When we’re finished servicing your equipment, we’ll deliver an overhead crane inspection report and share our findings with you. This allows you to plan your overhead crane maintenance with a clear course of action.

Communicating with you throughout the process ensures your lifting devices are safe, performance-ready, and in compliance with OSHA overhead crane inspection requirements.


  • Professional, prompt, and reliable service
  • Certified overhead crane technicians with 10,000+ hours of experience
  • CSA standard B-167 followed for all repairs and inspections
  • OSHA crane inspection requirements compliant
  • Record of overhead crane inspection report to prove compliance

An inspection program by Hoisting Overhead Cranes

Overhead Crane Breakdowns

When an overhead crane breaks down and needs repair services unexpectedly, the negative effects on your business’s safety and productivity can be alarming.

Hoisting’s breakdown services are available for any overhead crane issue, no matter what type or brand your overhead crane might be. Our 10,000-hour experienced overhead crane technicians are ready and waiting to get your operations back up and running.

Call us at 780-955-4770 or 1-877-955-4770 at any time for unmatched overhead crane breakdown repair service—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


  • Reduced downtime and operation costs
  • Certified overhead crane technicians with 10,000+ hours of experience
  • 24/7/365 support availability
  • Three-hour response within 100km of Edmonton/Calgary
  • 26′ indoor scissor lift usage

Overhead Crane Maintenance & Repairs

While overhead crane inspections are required for regulatory compliance, a defined maintenance program can reduce costly repair services and downtime, while improving productivity and safety.

To optimize productivity and reduce costs, we work closely with your operations and service team to develop a customized overhead crane and hoist plan for your business.


  • Reduce ongoing 
crane maintenance, repair, and service costs
  • Extended overhead crane equipment life
  • Less downtime
  • Spare part management
  • Safer equipment
  • Operator training available to improve safety, productivity, and performance

Overhead Crane Modernization

With your overhead crane, operation safety is always a serious concern. Luckily, you don’t have to buy brand-new equipment to stay current and competitive in today’s market.

We can modernize your existing equipment and provide overhead crane upgrades with the latest technology, providing a cost-effective alternative to manufacturing and construction with minimal downtime.

As always, our overhead crane modernization and implementation is in compliance with current codes and standards. So you can feel good about staying safe, compliant, and productive for less.


  • Increase overhead crane and structure capacity
  • Improve overhead crane operation safety and productivity
  • Implement overhead crane upgrades for less
  • Upgrade your overhead cranes with VFD motors and radio systems

Overhead Crane Manufacturing & Installations

Looking for the best overhead crane manufacturing company in Alberta? You found us.

We provide everything from standard overhead crane kits (Kit Cranes) to the most complex overhead crane applications and solutions (High-Specification Cranes).

Professional and precise, our APEGA-registered engineers address your overhead crane design requirements and ensure you’re equipped with all necessary information and documentation.

Whether you need a full design and build, or simply an engineering consultation, we are your overhead crane manufacturing and construction company of choice.


  • 30+ years of overhead crane manufacturing experience
  • CWB-certified fabrication shop
  • Highest quality design and builds
  • Hold ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • APEGA-registered overhead crane manufacturer

Explore the projects that make us proudest.

Explore the projects that make us proudest.