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An inspection program by hoisting overhead cranes

Keeping your overhead crane running safely is a top priority as an equipment owner—and it’s a job that requires expert help.

You need the peace of mind that comes with an expert technician who has your company and staff’s best interests at heart.

Trust the experts at Hoisting Overhead Cranes to maintain your equipment through our Over & Above Inspections program.

Need an overhead crane inspection?

Our process keeps your equipment compliant

Here’s how our technicians conduct Over & Above Inspections:


  • Review equipment according to OEM owner’s manual
  • Ensure all components are operating within specifications
  • Log make, model, and serial number
  • Note overhead crane location and surrounding equipment


  • Capture issues, required repairs, or equipment failures
  • Take detailed notes and photos
  • Reference specific OHS or OEM codes
  • Explain issues and equipment impact


  • Digitally log all findings and recommendations
  • Send report data to head office for review
  • Send final report to client


  • Provide detailed quote within three days
  • Explain quote to client and answer questions


  • Follow up with client to answer additional questions
  • Get quote approval and book appointment for repairs
  • Update inspection report after repairs are complete

Our inspections keep your business up and running

When you choose Over & Above Inspections as your overhead crane maintenance program, you will:

  • Stay compliant by ensuring manufacturer-approved equipment use and maintenance.
  • Reduce downtime with efficient, accurate inspections and time-sensitive repairs.
  • Plan for the future with accurate reporting that accounts for potential problems and recommends next steps.

Our dedication keeps your workers safe

At Hoisting Overhead Cranes, we believe industry standards are just a starting point. There’s always more we can do to help your employees safely and confidently operate your hoisting equipment. Over & Above Inspections is how we do just that.

  • Each of our technicians is backed by manufacturer course training, seminars, documentation, and proof of competency, in addition to the minimum 10,000 hours of on-the-job experience.
  • Our experts apply their specialized knowledge to ensure your overhead crane is being properly operated, functioning within specifications, and up to code for every component.
  • We regularly evaluate our inspection teams and repair processes to identify new ways to make our own operations better, allowing us to do the same for you.

Get even more details about Hoisting Overhead Cranes’ inspection program in our blog post.

Need an overhead crane inspection?