Meet Hoisting Ltd— Again

Sep 29, 2021 | Alberta

The world is changing around us, and it’s no secret that we’ve made some exciting changes around here, too.

There are the obvious changes, like our refreshed brand and our updated website. But there are also the more meaningful changes—the actions that inspired a fresh look, which feels appropriate and resonates with who we are.

Reimagining our vision helped redefine our standards

Several years ago, we asked ourselves a simple question: who do we want to be?

The answer came easily. We wanted to be a dedicated industry leader with a flawless safety record and impeccable reputation for service excellence.

After scrutinizing our processes and listening to our customers, we realized we weren’t
quite there yet. Our worksites could be safer. Our processes could be tighter. So, we began
raising the bar.

First, we bolstered our people

We carefully constructed an exceptional team with diverse talent and shared tenacity to lead our company forward…

Then we intensified our processes

We developed unprecedented service and safety protocols with detailed documentation
procedures that raised our customer status from “okay” to “exceptional.”

Finally, we changed the game

Our relentless commitment to excellence redefined our standard. The competition may not like it, but continually raising the bar leads to safer worksites everywhere.

Today, Hoisting proudly delivers full-service overhead crane and material handling solutions with expertise, professionalism, and dedication that exceeds industry standards.

We work hard to provide best-in-class service—the kind you won’t find anywhere else.
And we’re proud of that.

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