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 Overhead crane parts when and where you need them. 

We’ve spent three decades building our extensive distributor network, which means our customers get access to a superior range of crane and hoist parts.

Explore our selection of makes and models, and count on our certified technicians to help you with installation.

Can-Stahl Crane Parts

As the worldwide leader in high-quality material handling products, Can-Stahl equipment delivers on the toughest jobs.

Wire Rope Hoists

  • Five frame sizes
  • 26 S.W.L. variants up to 25,000 kg
  • Stationary or with travel carriages
  • U-shaped design for compact dimensions

Explosion Protection

  • World’s leading specialist for explosion-proof crane technology
  • Ex chain hoists
  • Ex wire rope hoists
  • Ex crane components

Columbus McKinnon Crane Parts

Columbus McKinnon is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of motion-control products and systems. These technologies efficiently and ergonomically move, lift, position and secure materials.

Explore a full line of manual and powered hoists and trolleys from brands such as:

  • Yale
  • Shawbox
  • Chester
  • Budget
  • Coffing


Crane Parts

Gorbel is a premier brand offering ceiling and floor-mounted workstation cranes, jib cranes and fall arrest solutions that deliver numerous ergonomic benefits. 

Gorbel elevates worker performance and safety with:

  • Fall protection systems that reduce risk of injury
  • Jib cranes with motorized or manual rotation
  • Workstation cranes that improve ergonomics and productivity

Ingersoll Rand Crane Parts

Ingersoll Rand offers leading-edge equipment and accessories with customized configurations to match your specific application.

The company supports the world’s toughest industries with best-in-class equipment including:

  • Air and hydraulic winches
  • Hoists
  • Bop handling systems

Kito Crane Parts

Kito Corporation has been continuously involved in the development, production and sales of world-leading hoists, cranes and accessories.

Kito offers world-class equipment such as:

  • Manual hoists & trolleys
  • Powered hoists & trolleys
  • Chains and accessories

Magnetek Crane Parts

Magnetek is a technology company that manufactures digital power and motion control systems for Material Handling, Elevator, Mobile Hydraulic, and Mining applications.

Their systems serve the needs of commercial markets that are becoming increasingly dependent on “smart” power.

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